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Learn How to Use Viem

In this video we learn how to use Viem, a TypeScript interface framework to interact with the Ethereum blockchain. The full code repository for this tutorial can be found here: Signup for a free Alchemy account: Get started with an Embedded Accounts: Get started with the AA-SDK:


Posted on Jun 26, 2024 04:35 · Latest update on Jul 3, 2024

  • Viem is a powerful modern web3 library that offers cutting-edge features as well as exceptional Developer Experience.

  • WalletConnect is the actual standard for connecting wallets in Ethereum apps, and provides hundreds of wallets to choose from.

  • React Native was often overlooked when building apps in web3, because of the historical focus on web APIs, but this guide showcases how to setup a basic dApp, using modern tools, including necessary polyfills, reading public data from the blockchain and executing operations through a wallet.


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Chapter 1Learn How to Use Viem
1H 6Mins

Learn How to Use Viem | A TypeScript Interface Framework to Interact with the Ethereum Blockchain

1H 6Mins

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