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Chainlink Constellation Hackathon Online Challenges

Nov 7, 2023 16:00 - Dec 9, 2023 16:00

A series of warmup events to help developers better participate in the Chainlink Constellation Hackathon!


Posted on Nov 7, 2023 04:31 · Latest update on Jan 29, 2024

How to participate

The following two steps must be completed in order:

  • 1.Pre-register for the Chainlink Hackathon through this link (you can currently choose not to submit a project):🚀 Chainlink Hackathon Register 🚀

  • 2.Click the "Apply to Join" button on this page to fill out the form for registration, and get the credential to win rewards


OpenBuild, in collaboration with Chainlink, has initiated a series of warm-up events for the Chainlink Constellation Hackathon to help developers:

  • Better understand the progress of the hackathon
  • Receive official technical and community support

The currently planned events include:

  • Hackathon AMA / TwitterSpace
  • Online Coding Bootcamp
  • Meetups in multiple offline locations

By participating in these events, you will have the opportunity to win OpenBuild / Chainlink joint peripherals, exclusive airdrops, etc.

Follow OpenBuild or Chainlink's Chinese Twitter, where we will post the latest progress of the events on these two channels.

You can also get the latest progress and communicate by entering the official OpenBuild Discord.



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Register for Chalink Hackathon first

Then click the 'Apply' button below to apply for rewards.

What's you can take away

Get the latest information on Hackathon

Guidance from official technologists


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