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Starknet BootCamp

Jan 29, 2024 02:28 - Jan 29, 2024 02:28

Fully explain the Starknet ecosystem and tech stack. Help developers to understand more about Starknet and be prepared for the incoming Hackathon activities.


Posted on Nov 3, 2023 03:33 · Latest update on Jan 29, 2024


Starknet is a permissionless ZK-rollup solution that enables general computation. Currently operating as a layer 2 network on top of Ethereum. Starknet ensures eventual layer 1 security through the utilization of STARK technology. Starknet achieves scalability by generating STARK proofs off-chain, which are then validated on-chain, allowing for increased transaction throughput and efficiency. We offer BootCamp and Hackathon activities to deepen developers' understanding of Starknet Ecosystem.

The BootCamp and Hackathon events will be held from November, 2023 to January, 2024. BootCamp will be held online from early November, 2023 to early January, 2024. And the final Hackathon will be held offline at HongKong in mid January, 2024. We are expecting to involve more developers to build the Starknet ecosystem together.

Below are three goals for us to achieve in the BootCamp.

Learn together

The Starknet Bootcamp will introduce Starknet ecosystem and Cairo language in detail. You will learn Starknet Contracts by example, SNIPs, Development Tools, etc together with experts in Cairo language and the development of Starknet ecosystem from a senior level leader in Starknet Foundation.

Build projects together

Developers can join together or attend the Starknet and OpenBuild Hackathon to win up to 10,000$ prize from Starknet Foundation directly. We will send SBTs to those who successfully complete the BootCamp. Those SBTs are validators to get Airdrop or other benefits from the OpenBuild community.

Contribute to the OpenBuild community together

We encourage you to find collaborators or even friends during the learning process, building more meaningful projects together. We sincerely invite you to be our contributors to the OpenBuild community and build together with us!


2 Chapters / 11 Classes / 6H 38Mins

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Chapter 1Starknet English Bootcmap
5H 32Mins

Introduction of Starknet Ecosystem


Introduction of Cairo Language


Development Tools (Scarb, Starkli)

1H 35Mins

snFoundry, Components in Smart contracts, ERC20 & ERC721

1H 11Mins and Dojo

1H 6Mins

Other Tools (Dojo,, WASM-Cairo)


Chapter 2Starknet 中文公开课
1H 6Mins

Starknet 基本原理和生态

1H 6Mins

Starknet 与Cairo 开发初探


Cairo 合约的编写与部署


Cairo 组件的编写与使用


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