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DeAI Pioneers' Workshop: The First Lesson in Web3+AI Entrepreneurship

Mar 15, 2024 02:37 - Mar 31, 2024 10:00(UTC+08:00)

The DeAI Pioneers' Workshop is a series of free, high-quality courses launched for the DeAI Hackathon 2024, offering a comprehensive understanding of the unlimited possibilities of AI×Web3.


Posted on Mar 7, 2024 07:53 · Latest update on Mar 29, 2024

🚀 If you have not yet joined the study and discussion group for this course, please follow the WeChat Official Account "OpenBuild" and reply with "emc" to gain access.

DeAI represents a novel concept in the field of technological innovation, signifying the convergence of AI with the decentralized ethos of Web3. It heralds a new AI revolution founded on principles of fairness, inclusivity, and security, carrying with it the dreams and expectations of mass entrepreneurship in AI.

The DeAI Hackathon 2024 is now open for global registration! This event, initiated by EMC (Edge Matrix Computing), is a worldwide hackathon that fosters innovation and encourages collaboration.

The aim of the competition is to work with entrepreneurs and pioneers in the AI and Web3 domains to build breakthrough (d)apps within this field, redefining the potential of the intersection between AI and blockchain technology.

EMC, an AI+DePIN infrastructure network, grew out of the Future3 Campus incubation camp. It is dedicated to connecting decentralized computational power networks with AI applications and has secured strategic financing from Swiss Blockchain Labs, Wangxiang Blockchain Labs, and Future3 Campus.

The DeAI Hackathon 2024 will offer prizes, computational resources, and funding support worth up to $1 million to propel the research and development of AI applications and products within the EMC ecosystem.


If you are interested in participating in the DeAI Hackathon 2024, we welcome you to join our DeAI Pioneers' Workshop!The DeAI Pioneers' Workshop is a series of courses launched for the DeAI Hackathon 2024, which will be held 1-2 times a week throughout March, offering a comprehensive understanding of the unlimited possibilities of AI×Web3.


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Chapter 1DeAI Pioneers' Workshop

Introduction to the EMC Ecosystem, Technological Innovations, and Support


Introduction to EMC Development Tools and Resources


Project Incubation and Financing in the EMC Ecosystem


Market Operations and Community Building for AI x Web3 Projects


Opportunities and Challenges of AI x Web3


How to Build a Successful AI x Web3 Project



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By OpenBuild



Interested in the AI+Web3 ecosystem

Possessing some AI/Web3 professional experience

What's you can take away

A Comprehensive Guide to Participating in the DeAI Hackathon 2024

Business and technical guidance from the EMC Foundation

Understanding practical experience in AI+Web3 project operations

Learn to earn — developers who contribute to the course will receive a special scholarship.


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