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Arbitrum's First On-Chain ETF Launches with a $6000 Bug Bounty Program


Bounty Type


Bounty Amount

Bounty Detail

Contract Mechanism

The $H20 passive auction mechanism is designed to adjust the H20 investment portfolio every quarter or year. This mechanism adopts a price-prioritized auction mode, where bidders are determined in the order of their bids from highest to lowest, and the transaction is concluded at the lowest winning price.

The auction has a time limit and requires setting a start time and duration. Each auction will reward a certain number of H20 tokens. Unlike traditional active adjustment modes, this passive auction mechanism leaves the value judgment entirely to the market, reducing the risk of adjustment losses caused by insufficient liquidity in the prophecy machine and exchange.

The auction status is divided into three types: ongoing, failed, and successful.
Before the auction starts, the issuance and redemption of H20 will be locked, and users will not be able to subscribe or redeem H20, but they can buy and sell H20 on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) or centralized exchanges (CEXs).

The auction process includes: auction start -> user participation -> announcement of winning bids -> user asset distribution.

Note: A negative bid indicates receiving an H20 reward, while a positive bid indicates paying H20. A higher positive bid is preferred over a lower negative bid, e.g., 0 is higher than -1, -0.2 is higher than -0.3, and 1 is higher than 0.5.

For more detailed information, refer to:

Audit Rules

Scope of Audit:

  • Smart contract code review


  • To incentivize participants, we have prepared a bug bounty worth 6000 (1000 USDT & 10,000 Haya). Participating security auditors will share the total prize pool.

Audit Period:

  • 25th May 14:00 - 24th June 24:00 UTC+8

Reward Distribution:

  • The list of rewards will be announced one week after the end of the audit phase.

Evaluation Criteria:
Judges will register and evaluate the submitted vulnerabilities based on the following dimensions to determine the bonus amount:

  • Severity and impact of the vulnerability
  • Detail and clarity of the submitted report
  • Feasibility of the proposed solution
  • Submission time
  • Bug Severity


How to Participate

  1. Fill out the registration link: [Registration Link]
  2. Review and audit the $H20 smart contract code:
  3. Submit the vulnerability report to the official repository: [Audit Platform Link]

Additionally, we invite you to join our official Telegram event group ( to interact with project members and gain more information.

Haya eagerly looks forward to your participation in ensuring the security and stability of $H20.

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