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Many of you may already be aware of the impending launch of Neo X - Neo’s highly secure, EVM-based sidechain. Currently in TestNet, Neo X offers a world of new possibilities for the Neo ecosystem. Neo N3 already offers many powerful options for developers, but the introduction of Neo X extends the Neo ecosystem into the EVM universe, making it accessible to solidity developers and compatible with existing EVM infrastructures.

As part of our march towards MainNet, we are inviting developers to participate in a Neo X TestNet Bug Bounty Program. The program opens today and will continue until the Neo X MainNet launch. Everyone is invited to participate and your contributions are most valuable in ensuring Neo X is robust before its official MainNet launch.

Program Details

This Bug Bounty Program focuses on three main components of Neo X:

  • Consensus Layer
  • The Native Bridge Between Neo N3 and Neo X
  • Governance Protocol

Bugs reported for frontend or third-party service issues, such as wallets, centralized databases, indexing, or blockchain explorers, are not included in this program.

Bug Levels and GAS Rewards

Bugs will be categorized into three levels based on their severity and potential impact on the network's proper functioning: Critical, Major, and Minor. Each level offers varying amounts of GAS tokens as rewards. There is no cap for the total rewards.

Critical Bugs (Up to US $5,000 in GAS)

Critical bugs are issues that may block MainNet launch. Examples may include critical issues that cause:

  • Chain hard fork
  • State corruption
  • Funds to be stolen
  • Takeover of the network, or bringing the network to a halt
  • Manipulate the native bridge
  • Governance fault
  • And other critical bugs

Major Bugs (Up to US $2,000 in GAS)

Major bugs are also blockers for MainNet launch but are not as severe as critical bugs. They include:

  • Less severe performance or correctness bugs
  • DDoS or stress-test attacks that slow the network down significantly
  • Bugs that cause resource chain exhaustion/consensus fail
  • And other major bugs

Minor Bugs (Up to US $300 in GAS)

Minor bugs are issues in non-critical software, such as transactions lost in RPC or miscalculation in gas fees causing transactions not to be recorded on the blockchain. These bugs do not impact critical functionality.

Submission Guidelines

To report issues, please join Neo's official Discord server and head to the #open-tickets channel. When reporting a bug, please include:

  • Title
  • Detailed description
  • Steps to reproduce
  • Code snippet
  • Screenshots
  • Impact assessment

Notice: It is solely at Neo's discretion to assess the severity level of any bug.

Development Resources

Below are the development configurations of the Neo X TestNet:

The Neo X team will respond within 48 hours of your bug submission. Thank you for your contribution—every bug report is crucial for ensuring a safe launch of the Neo X MainNet. Please note that this Bug Bounty Program will end after the Neo X MainNet launch. Let’s work together to make Neo X exceptional.


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